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As the country settles into September, the weather gods seem to be in a good mood. The national outlook leans towards warmer-than-average temperatures and mostly dry conditions, especially in areas away from the northwest. However, drivers should exercise caution due to prevalent mist and fog conditions during night and early mornings.

Tonight’s Outlook

Tonight, Saturday, expect a dry and mostly cloudy atmosphere with mist and fog patches likely to develop overnight. Residents can expect temperatures to dip as low as 9 degrees in some areas, while climbing to a slightly more comfortable 13 degrees in others. Light southwest or variable winds will prevail, increasing to moderate near the western coast.

Pollen and UV Index

Hayfever sufferers should take note as pollen levels are forecasted to be high on Sunday and Monday. Additionally, the Solar UV index is noted to be moderate on both days.

Sunday’s Weather

Sunday, 3rd September, will see a mostly cloudy start, with patchy drizzle developing as the day progresses—especially near western coastal regions. Any mist and fog are expected to clear by morning, making way for warm sunny spells. Temperatures are predicted to range from 18 to 24 degrees, with light southwest or variable winds picking up pace near the western coast.

The Week Ahead


Starting the work week on a positive note, Monday is likely to offer a dry yet humid atmosphere with spells of sunshine. Temperatures will peak between 20 to 23 degrees in light easterly or variable breezes. Night-time conditions will remain mild and mostly dry, although mist and fog patches are to be expected.


Tuesday morning will soon see any mist and fog clear up, allowing warm spells of sunshine to dominate the day. However, there could be a few showers, particularly in the southwest, some potentially turning heavy and thundery by the evening.

Wednesday and Beyond

Wednesday continues the warm and humid trend, but with a higher likelihood of showers affecting mainly western and southwest counties. Long-range forecasts suggest that this warm and humid airflow will persist throughout the working week, although showers may become more frequent, particularly in western counties.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or the daily commute, this week’s predominately dry conditions and warmer temperatures are sure to bring smiles. However, the recurring mist and fog should warrant extra caution, especially for those on the roads. Stay safe and make the most of this pleasantly warm week ahead.