Fact Checking Policy

Cork Safety Alerts is committed to being Cork’s trusted source for local, non-editorialised news. When we say “non-editorialised,” we mean that we focus on publishing factual information without resorting to exaggerated or sensationalised headlines, commonly known as “clickbait.”

Sources of Information

Most of the news we publish comes directly from authoritative sources such as press releases or government-issued statements. However, there may be instances where we rely on multiple sources, some of which may be anonymous. We respect the confidentiality of our sources and make every effort to verify the information we publish through at least two different channels.


While we strive for accuracy, we are not infallible. Cork Safety Alerts is not responsible for any misleading information that may appear on our website or social media platforms. We curate reports from various sources, including but not limited to the public, social media accounts, anonymous contributors, and other official channels.

Corrections and Verifications

If you find any inaccuracies in our publications or have questions about our Fact-Checking Policy, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We are committed to correcting errors promptly and transparently.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about something we have published or have queries regarding this Fact-Checking Policy, you can email us at [email protected]. We take all complaints seriously and aim to address them in a timely and transparent manner.