Fact Checking Policy

Cork Safety Alerts is dedicated to being Cork’s source for local non-editorialised news.

When we say non-editorialised, this means we only publish factual information and don’t create exaggerated or overemphasised headlines which is commonly known as ‘Clickbait.’

Generally, much of the news published is direct from source e.g. from a Press Release or Government Issued Statement.

There may be, on occasion, a time where Cork Safety Alerts will publish a story based on various sources. Sometimes, these sources will be anonymous – we have a right to protect our sources. Our team endeavour to ensure that all publications are correct, and as factual as possible. We will always try to verify a story / publication with at least two different sources.

Cork Safety Alerts are not responsible for any misleading information which may be displayed on our website, Facebook or Twitter pages. 

We curate reports from various sources including but not limited to; the public, social media accounts, anonymous sources, and other official channels.

If you wish to discuss our Fact Checking Policy, or have a query on something we have published please email [email protected].


If you have a complaint around something that we have published, or, any queries in regards to the above Corrections Policy. You can write to us:

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Airport Road,
Cork T12PF66.