About Us

CSA-logoPNGCorks source for Traffic, Travel and Non Editorialised News.

Cork Safety Alerts is a voluntary run online news source based in Cork, Ireland. The voluntary run team collates and publishes general updates on Traffic, Travel and other non-editorialised news local to Cork. The Cork Safety Alerts team currently consists of 4 volunteer administrators.

Members of the public are encouraged to submit ‘Alerts’ to the team via their Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, via our website or a recently launched Freephone number; 1800 938 106.

Established in early 2013 as a Facebook page called ‘Cork Potholes’ which was created with the aim to highlight the condition of local roads in Cork. Cork Potholes gained a large following in a short period of time and featured in many mainstream news publications.

We’ve grown from strength to strength, and we’re now one of Cork’s largest Traffic, Travel and Non-Editorialised News outlets.

Our Team:

  • Founding Editor: Patrick O’Leary
  • Co-Owner / Volunteer Reporter: Jayde Skillington
  • Volunteer Reporter: Amanda Foley
  • Volunteer Reporter: Grace O’Leary
  • Volunteer Reporter / Photographer: Damian Coleman
  • Mobile App Developer: Krisztian Balogh

Any content submitted to us is governed by our social media submission policy, available here.

Do you have a community event taking place, or have something organised that could affect traffic, or the public in Cork? Add us to your press release list [email protected].

See something you think we should post? Freephone:1800 938 106