Revised on: 3rd September 2023.

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By submitting your images and videos to Cork Safety Alerts, you grant us permission to republish such content on our platforms. We may also, at our sole discretion, with or without notification, share your content with news crews, journalists, and radio stations for publication. We will never sell or distribute your images for commercial gain.

Accuracy of Information

Commitment to Accuracy

Cork Safety Alerts is committed to providing accurate, reliable, and timely information to our audience. We employ rigorous fact-checking procedures and rely on credible sources to ensure the quality of the content we publish.

Source Verification

While much of our content comes from authoritative sources such as press releases or government-issued statements, we also curate reports from various other sources, including the public, social media accounts, and official channels. All information, regardless of the source, undergoes a verification process to confirm its accuracy before publication.

Limitations and Disclaimers

Despite our best efforts, we acknowledge that errors can occur. Cork Safety Alerts is not responsible for any misleading or incorrect information displayed on our website, social media platforms, or any other channels where our content may appear. Users should exercise their own judgment and verify information independently when making decisions based on the content we provide.


If an error is identified in any of our publications, we are committed to correcting it promptly. Corrections will be clearly marked and will include an explanation of what was incorrect and how it has been rectified. We also welcome feedback from our audience to help us maintain the highest standards of accuracy.


We believe in being transparent about our editorial practices. If a story has been updated or corrected, we will provide an editor’s note explaining the changes that were made and the reason for those changes.

By engaging with our content, you acknowledge and agree to the terms set forth in this section regarding the accuracy of information.


Cork Safety Alerts provides information and updates with the aim of public service and community awareness. While we strive for accuracy, we cannot guarantee the veracity, reliability, or completeness of the information provided. Therefore, we disclaim any liability for any decisions made based on such information.

Limitation of Liability

Cork Safety Alerts, its administrators, volunteers, and affiliates shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data, or other intangible losses, resulting from:

  1. Use or Inability to Use the Service: This includes any interruption, inaccuracy, error, or omission in the service.
  2. Unauthorized Access: Any unauthorized access to or use of our servers and/or any personal information stored therein.
  3. Third-Party Content: Any content, statements, or conduct of any third party on the service.
  4. Personal Harm or Property Damage: Any harm to persons or property arising from information or advice provided, including but not limited to traffic updates, weather warnings, and emergency alerts.

User Responsibility

Users are responsible for verifying the accuracy of information before taking any actions that may affect their personal safety, property, or well-being. Cork Safety Alerts is not responsible for any damage, loss, or injury that may occur as a result of using or relying on the information provided on our platforms.


By using our services, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Cork Safety Alerts, its administrators, volunteers, and affiliates from any claim or demand made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the service, your violation of these terms, or your violation of any rights of another party.

By interacting with our platforms, you acknowledge and agree to the terms set forth in this liability section.


User Comments

Comments, tweets, or replies on our posts are the views of individuals and do not represent the stance of Cork Safety Alerts. We cannot accept responsibility for user-generated content on our social media profiles.


Cork Safety Alerts aims to foster a respectful and informative online community. To maintain this environment, we have established a moderation policy for comments and user interactions on our social media platforms.

Types of Content Subject to Moderation

We reserve the right to remove or hide comments, posts, or any user-generated content on our social media pages without prior notice. The following types of content are generally subject to moderation:

  1. Abusive or Harassing Content: Any form of harassment, intimidation, or threats against other users or our team.
  2. Offensive or Inappropriate Language: Use of obscene, vulgar, or discriminatory language.
  3. Spam and Self-Promotion: Repeated posting of promotional material or links that do not contribute to the conversation.
  4. Off-Topic Comments: Comments that stray significantly from the subject matter of the original post.
  5. Misinformation: Spreading false or misleading information.
  6. Personal Information: Posting someone else’s personal information without explicit consent.

Moderation Process

  1. Initial Review: All comments are subject to an initial review to determine if they comply with our guidelines.
  2. Action: Comments that violate our guidelines will be hidden or removed. In some cases, a warning may be issued before taking further action.
  3. Transparency: Whenever possible, a note will be added to indicate why a comment was removed, unless doing so could further inflame the situation or violate privacy rules.
  4. Appeals: If your comment has been removed and you believe this was in error, you may appeal by contacting us at [email protected].

User Visibility

Hidden posts will remain visible to the user who posted them but will not be publicly displayed on the page.

By interacting with our social media platforms, you agree to abide by this moderation policy.


No Implicit Endorsements

It’s important to note that any sharing, retweeting, or quoting of posts or content by Cork Safety Alerts does not constitute an endorsement or approval of the content, its author, or the views and opinions expressed therein. These actions are primarily taken to share information, provoke discussion, or highlight topics of interest.

Third-Party Content

We often share content from various sources, including government agencies, news organisations, and individuals. While we strive for accuracy and relevance, we cannot vouch for the credibility or integrity of third-party content. Users should exercise their own judgment when interpreting or relying on such information.

Sponsored Content

If any content is sponsored or part of a partnership, it will be clearly indicated as such. Sponsored content undergoes the same rigorous fact-checking process as any other content we publish to ensure it aligns with our editorial standards.


When sharing content that may be sensitive, controversial, or open to interpretation, we may include a disclaimer to clarify that the share does not equate to an endorsement. For example, a disclaimer might read: “The sharing of this content is for informational purposes only and does not reflect the views or opinions of Cork Safety Alerts.”

By interacting with our content, you acknowledge that our sharing, retweeting, or quoting of posts is not an endorsement unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Following and Replies

Cork Safety Alerts follows a selective following policy on social media platforms. While we appreciate every follow, we do not automatically follow back. Our primary focus is to follow accounts that are relevant to the updates and information we publish. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Local government agencies
  • Emergency services
  • Traffic management centres
  • News organisations
  • Community groups
  • Industry experts

Replies and Direct Messages

We strive to maintain active and responsive social media channels. However, due to the high volume of messages and mentions we receive, it may not always be possible to reply to each one individually. Here’s what you can generally expect:

  • Public Mentions: We monitor mentions and will try to respond to queries or concerns that are of public interest or require immediate attention.
  • Direct Messages: We aim to reply to direct messages within a reasonable timeframe. However, during peak times or emergencies, delays may occur.
  • Automated Messages: For common queries, you may receive an automated response directing you to relevant resources or sections of our website.
  • Sensitive Information: For issues requiring the exchange of sensitive or personal information, we may direct you to a more secure communication channel, such as email.

By interacting with us on social media, you acknowledge and agree to these terms regarding following and replies.

User Blocking

Cork Safety Alerts is committed to maintaining a respectful and safe online community. To ensure this, we reserve the right to remove or block users from our social media channels without prior notice. The following are some of the reasons a user may be blocked or removed:

  1. Abusive Behavior: Any form of harassment, intimidation, or threats against other users or our administrators.
  2. Offensive Content: Posting content that is obscene, vulgar, or discriminatory based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  3. Spamming: Repeated posting of unwanted promotional or disruptive content.
  4. Trolling: Deliberately posting controversial, irrelevant, or offensive remarks to provoke others.
  5. Misinformation: Spreading false or misleading information.
  6. Violation of Privacy: Sharing personal information of others without their explicit consent.
  7. Impersonation: Posing as someone else, including as a Cork Safety Alerts administrator or another user.
  8. Illegal Activities: Promoting or engaging in illegal activities.
  9. Multiple Offenses: Repeated violations of any of our community guidelines or terms of service.

If you find yourself blocked or removed and believe it was unjust, you may appeal the decision by contacting us at [email protected]. We will review the circumstances and provide a response within a reasonable timeframe.

Content Submission

When you submit content to Cork Safety Alerts, you acknowledge that it may or may not be used in our publications. All submitted content is subject to review, and we reserve the right to decide whether or not to publish it. Content may be edited for clarity, length, or compliance with our editorial guidelines.

Your submissions may be featured across various platforms, including but not limited to our website, mobile apps, and social media channels. They may also be shared with third-party news crews, journalists, and radio stations for broader publication, at our sole discretion.

While we aim to credit photographers and content creators whenever possible, this may not always be feasible. Some users may wish to remain anonymous; in such cases, no identifying information will be published. During high-volume periods, it may not be possible to seek permission for every piece of content, so by submitting your content, you agree that it may be published on our platforms.

If you wish to have your content removed, please contact us with a link to the specific content you would like deleted.

Acceptance of Terms

By using our website, mobile apps, or following us on social media platforms, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this policy.