Revised on: 18th March 2018.

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  • Please note, that by sending your images and videos to Cork Safety Alerts you agree that we may republish such images on our timeline. We may also at our sole discretion pass your images / videos to news crews, journalists and radio stations for publication. We will never sell, or distribute your images for commercial gain.
  • We are not responsible for any misleading information which may be displayed on our website, Facebook or Twitter pages. As much as we endeavour to have factual and correct information, this is not always possible. We curate reports from various sources including but not limited to; the public, other social media accounts and official channels and republish these.
  • Cork Safety Alerts can take no responsibility for any damage or loss to personal belongings, vehicles or any other personal property. We take no responsibility for any injury or loss of life as a result of information supplied to or from our page.


  • Please note that comments / tweets / replies on our posts are not representative of Cork Safety Alerts, they are the views of individuals. We cannot accept any responsibility for the content of other users, posted to our Facebook or Twitter profiles. 
  • Cork Safety Alerts reserves the rights to remove or hide comments on our social media pages without prior notice to the user. Generally, posts will be hidden if they contain obscene, vulgar or defamatory information. Hidden posts remain visible to the user who posted them, but not publicly on the page.
  • Social media posts are not endorsements. Sharing / retweeting / quoting of posts does not represent an endorsement from Cork Safety Alerts.
  • Generally, if you follow us, we won’t automatically follow you back. We follow accounts that have relevance to the updates we publish. 
  • We aim to reply to all messages sent to us on social media, however, due to the large volume of messages that we received we may be unable to reply to you directly.
  • Cork Safety Alerts reserves the right to remove or block any user without prior notice on all of our social media channels. Usually when a user has been abusive, offensive, obscene or threatening in any form to our administrators or users.
  • Content provided to Cork Safety Alerts (either by our Mobile Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS) may or may not be used. Any content provided, may be edited and republished on all of our social media channels without credit to the user who submitted the content. We will endeavour to credit images which we publish, and generally will always ask the photographer for permission to use their image/video and whether they wish to have their name attributed to the content. Some users wish to remain anonymous, in this case no information pertaining to the photographer will be published. At times, where we’re receiving a large number of images, it may not always be possible to ask for permission so therefor, images sent to us are given under the pretence that we’ll be publishing them on our social channels, and/or website.
  • If you have previously published an image to Cork Safety Alerts, and wish to have it removed – please contact us by visiting the Contact Us section of our website and we will endeavour to have the image removed within one week. Please supply a link to the image (on our platforms) which you wish to have removed. Note: We will only remove images which have been taken by the user requesting removal.

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