Corrections Policy

Cork Safety Alerts believe in only publishing quality, factual news. We believe that honesty and transparency is key within the news/media industry. The trust of our readers, and followers is paramount in the organisation we run.

If we discover that a mistake has been made in one of our stories, posts or publications – we’ll correct this promptly and as soon as we’re made aware.

When we discover an error, and that a correction has to be made we’ll endeavour to:

  • Identify the correct information and correct it.
  • Identify why incorrect information was published
  • Identify who, when, and why the information was posted and was not fact checked in line with our internal policies.
  • Compile an internal report based on the information we have for future reference.

If it is not possible to amend the body of information (such as a Tweet) we will display this under the original content. E.g. A thread on the tweet, or at the top of the original news article.


If you have a complaint around something that we have published, or, any queries in regards to the above Corrections Policy. You can write to us:

Unit 8 Metro Business Park,
Airport Road,
Cork T12PF66.