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Update from the Dunkettle Interchange Project:

Motorists are again reminded that speed control measures, coupled with CCTV monitoring are in place across the site and will remain in place over the coming months.

The localised lane restrictions impacting the short right hand lane on the N40 northbound immediate approach to the Interchange Roundabout will continue into the early days of next week. These works are in association with a proposed new Retaining Wall RW03 at this location – see photograph below. No significant disruption to traffic is anticipated.

Ongoing Works at Retaining Wall RW03.

Surfacing works are continuing at Link I – see photograph below. We hope to complete the surfacing works at this location next week, with the focus then switching to the N25 area.

Ongoing pavement works at Link I.

We intend to place the beams at Structures ST03 & ST04 during February 2023 – see photograph below. No disruption to traffic is anticipated as these works are offline.

Structure St03 and St04 south of the N25.

General roadworks are underway at Link B – see photograph below. We still hope to open Link B & Link I to traffic before the end of February 2023 – exact dates will be notified in advance via the weekly newsletter.

Structure St03 and St04 south of the N25.

In overall terms, the works remain on track for completion by the due date of February 2024.

This week’s video shows the ongoing works alongside the N25 westbound between Structures St01 – St05 inclusive.