An underground metro service, which travels at the speed of light is to be planned for Cork. 

The new service will run from Bantry to Mallow as public transport numbers for this route have risen in the past five years. Speaking directly to Cork Safety Alerts, MetroLight CEO Mark Tonto said:

“We’re delighted to be bringing this exciting project to Cork, and especially West Cork where we’ve seen traffic congestion increase in the past number of years. The metro link will be the fastest underground metro in the world, and we’re excited to have this service coming to Cork.”

An additional shuttle service is due to commence from Bantry aerodrome to Bantry town, as an increase of air traffic is also expected.

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The trains will be state of the art, and will include 3 classes (First, Business and Economy) and will also host a 2-tyre star restaurant ‘Le Chateau Imbécile” – serving only the finest in French cuisine.

The service expected to be in operation from April 1st, 2045 will revolutionise public transport in Cork.


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By Cork Safety Alerts

Administrator of Cork Safety Alerts.