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The HSE’s National Environmental Health Service has issued urgent safety alerts today for two e-cigarette products found to contain illegal levels of nicotine. Consumers are advised to cease use immediately and return the products to the place of purchase, while retailers have been instructed to halt sales.

The products in question are:

  • E-LIQUID: Tobacco 24mg/ml, Ben Son 24mg/ml, and USA Mix 24mg/ml
  • QST Puff Flex 2800 puffs 5% nicotine electronic cigarette in flavours: Red Bull, Peach Ice, Blueberry on Ice, Watermelon Ice, and Mango Ice

Following an investigation by the National Environmental Health Service and the National Tobacco Control Office, it was discovered that these products exceed the legal nicotine limit of 20mg/ml (2%). Laboratory analysis revealed nicotine levels of up to 25.4mg/ml in the E-LIQUID refill containers and over 30mg/ml in the QST Puff Flex 2800 puffs electronic cigarette.

Immediate Actions Taken: The HSE has notified distributors and importers about this issue and will continue to monitor compliance. Dr Maurice Mulcahy, Regional Chief Environmental Health Officer, emphasised the responsibilities of manufacturers and importers to comply with all legal requirements, including proper notification to the HSE via the European Common Entry Gate portal.

Consumer Advisory:

  • Stop using the affected products immediately.
  • Return the products to the place of purchase.
  • If any adverse effects are experienced, contact your GP and notify [email protected].

Retailer Instructions:

  • Remove the specified products from sale.
  • Contact the HSE with product and supplier traceability details at [email protected].
  • Display a recall notice prominently in-store and online if the products have been sold or distributed.
  • For more information, visit the European Safety Gate at using the search term ‘electronic cigarette’.

Dr Mulcahy reiterated the importance of compliance and the HSE’s commitment to enforcing legal standards to protect public health. Retailers are urged to ensure that all products meet safety regulations and are properly notified to the HSE.

For further queries, retailers can contact the HSE at [email protected].