The Road Safety Authority and Applegreen have teamed up again to help drivers stay awake, and alert on the road this Bank Holiday Weekend.

Free coffee (and tea) will be available from participating Applegreen Stores on Monday, 3rd June 2019 between 2pm & 8pm. Simply mention the RSA, or ‘Driver Reviver’ to the cashier and you’ll get your coffee or tea absolutely free.

How does caffeine keep us alert?

Caffeine, known as an adenosine receptor antagonist, works by derailing this process via blocking adenosine. Caffeine and adenosine have a similar enough molecular structure that caffeine can wedge into adenosine receptors, but not close enough to activate them. Adenosine works to inhibit neurons, while caffeine inhibits the inhibitor in order to stimulate us.

Often times, when we have coffee, tea, or even soda, we can feel a surge of energy and positive emotions. In some neurons, adenosine receptors are linked to dopamine receptors, a molecule in the brain that functions to promote feelings of pleasure. When adenosine docks in one of these paired receptors, it makes it difficult for dopamine to stay in its own spot, which can lead to decreased moods.

But, when caffeine replaces adenosine, dopamine can slide in its spot, which promotes alertness and positive moods. However, this sudden surge can lead to an increase in heart rate and blood pressure; increase in urination or diarrhea; and contribute to insomnia and anxiety.

Source: Medical Daily

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