We received multiple reports yesterday evening following sightings of a ‘Fireball’ over the skies of Cork, around 9.30pm.

The ‘Fireball’ was seen around the Country with reports coming in from Donegal, Kilkenny, Carlow and Killarney. A number of our followers got in touch, some quite concerned wondering what the strange light trail in the sky was.

We posted immediately, and within an hour had 1.2k comments with others saying they also seen it.

One of our followers said their Father described the event as being “amazing.”

“Yeah my father just rang me he is working in north cork near Nad. He works in the woods and he said never in his 45 years has he ever saw anything like it. He said it was a light with a ball of fire behind it and another big light at the end traveling horizontally across the sky and then the front disappeared and the back of it disappeared then and he said it was silent. He said it went across the sky so it was not a shooting star or meteorite or anything like that. He said it was amazing”

This morning though it has been confirmed that the ‘Fireball’ was actually the remains of a satellite that reentered the Earths atmosphere as ‘Space Junk’

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