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This week, Fáilte Ireland’s Local Experts Programme workshop took place at the Eccles Hotel, bringing together frontline professionals from the tourism and hospitality industry. The objective of the program is to establish a network of knowledgeable locals who can provide valuable information to visitors exploring West Cork along the scenic Wild Atlantic Way. By offering immersive experiences and insights, this initiative aims to extend visitors’ stays and encourage them to engage in more activities, ultimately benefiting the local economy.

Linda Campbell, Visitor Engagement Manager with Fáilte Ireland, highlighted the significance of the Local Experts Programme in enhancing the visitor experience in West Cork. She emphasized that the program empowers tourism industry professionals to share information, ideas, and tips, amplifying the overall experience for tourists. By tapping into the wealth of local knowledge regarding attractions, activities, and hidden gems, the Local Experts can provide visitors with rich and unique experiences.

The Local Experts Programme targets all individuals working within West Cork and Glengarriff’s tourism community, including those employed in tourism accommodations, restaurants, pubs, taxis, public transport, or volunteering for tourism initiatives. This comprehensive approach ensures that visitors receive valuable guidance and recommendations from a diverse range of professionals, allowing them to make the most of their time in West Cork.

The workshop held at the Eccles Hotel provided an opportunity for participants to collaborate, exchange insights, and gain valuable training to enhance their roles as Local Experts. Various sessions covered topics such as effective communication with visitors, highlighting local attractions, providing tailored recommendations, and fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The program aimed to equip these frontline professionals with the necessary skills to deliver exceptional visitor experiences.

Fáilte Ireland, the national tourism development authority, has been at the forefront of efforts to enhance Ireland’s tourism industry. The Local Experts Programme aligns with the organization’s broader strategy of creating a world-class visitor experience that showcases Ireland’s unique culture, natural beauty, and warm hospitality.

With West Cork being a popular destination along the Wild Atlantic Way, this initiative will undoubtedly elevate the overall tourism experience in the region. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the area’s stunning landscapes, historic sites, vibrant towns, and charming villages, all while benefiting from the insider knowledge provided by the Local Experts.

As the Local Experts Programme gains momentum, it is expected to contribute significantly to the local economy by attracting more visitors, encouraging longer stays, and promoting increased engagement with local businesses and attractions. By harnessing the collective expertise of West Cork’s tourism industry professionals, Fáilte Ireland is spearheading a movement that celebrates the region’s unique offerings and ensures memorable experiences for all who visit.