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During the current Corona Virus pandemic, Cork County Council staff members are supporting local communities where people are socially isolated and cocooned. In Midleton La Trattoria Restaurant run by the Corigliano family, prepare over 300 meals daily and through a network of local volunteers, distribute the meals around East Cork. The ingredients are donated by local businesses with Cork County Council assisting with deliveries.

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This is just one example of a daily service taking place throughout the county, coordinated by Cork County Council’s Covid 19 Community Support Programme which brings together the existing wide variety of statutory and voluntary groups working across County Cork, to assist those in need in a collaborative and targeted way. The service is offering non-emergency and non-medical supports, such as meal delivery, food/household shopping, and fuel, together with social supports.

Cork County Council has established 19 town teams to ensure there is a very real presence at local level and works directly with the existing agencies to respond to calls made through the Council’s dedicated helpline. Over 700 calls have been made to the helpline since its establishment two weeks ago.

Liz Maddox, Chair of the Older Persons Council who are one of the agencies on the programme, highlighted how the Community Support Programme was a resource that is making sure that everybody who needs help is assisted “We had no meals on wheels in Castlemartyr when I became aware of the wonderful people at La Trattoria. Castlemartyr would have a small group of people with different medical conditions in need of a meal. I would like to thank the local businesses who donate the ingredients to La Trattoria as well as Cork County Council staff who deliver these meals as well as medication from the local pharmacies. I would also like to acknowledge our Community Garda Dave Leaghy and our local Centra staff member Valerie Cahill who have been a great support.”

Cork County Council Covid 19 Community Support Programme can be contacted FREE on 1800 805 819 with lines open from 8.00am to 8.00PM seven days a week. Those calling from outside of Ireland seeking assistance for a relative of friend, should call +353 21 4285517. You can also email at [email protected] text (085) 8709010.


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