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2023 marked the first collaboration between the Think Before You Flush campaign, Cork County Council, and the Blue Flag programme, with a unified goal of educating beachgoers on proper disposal habits at public toilets during summer visits to the coast. This year, the partnership continues with the same objective: to keep Ireland’s Blue Flag beaches and marinas pristine and to safeguard marine habitats from sewage pollution.

The “Think Before You Flush” campaign, managed by Clean Coasts in partnership with Uisce Éireann, underscores the critical need for proper flushing practices. It emphasises that only the 3 Ps—pee, poo, and paper—should be flushed down the toilet. Items like wipes and other sanitary products, even those labelled flushable, should be discarded in the bin to prevent blockages and sewage overflows that can contaminate our waterways.

Recognising the importance of protecting Ireland’s coastal ecosystems, Cork County Council is committed to promoting the campaign and encouraging responsible waste disposal. As part of this initiative, authorities will display Think Before You Flush signage on Blue Flag Beaches and marinas. These signs will provide clear instructions on proper flushing behaviour, highlight commonly misflushed items (the ‘Dirty Dozen’), and encourage the use of designated sanitary waste bins.

Bronagh Moore, Coastal Communities Manager at Clean Coasts, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaborative efforts and support of the campaign:

“It’s fantastic to see Cork County Council supporting the Think Before You Flush campaign. This collaboration between councils and environmental programmes is crucial in safeguarding our Blue Flag Beaches and marinas. Their efforts and ongoing commitment to protecting our coastlines and freshwater bodies will help ensure vibrant ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.”

Sean Corrigan of Uisce Éireann

highlighted the importance of protecting Blue Flag beaches and marinas:

“By partnering with Clean Coasts and Uisce Éireann’s Think Before You Flush campaign, Cork County Council aims to foster a culture of environmental responsibility, where individuals can take proactive steps to protect our coastal habitats. The success of this campaign hinges on the participation and support of Cork’s stakeholders, including the public, beachgoers, residents, and tourists alike. The hard work, and positivity of everyone involved is inspiring to see.”

This summer, all water lovers are encouraged to support the Local Authorities and the Think Before You Flush campaign by adopting environmentally responsible habits. Small changes can collectively make a significant impact, helping to maintain healthier marine environments.

For more information about the Think Before You Flush campaign, visit Think Before You Flush.

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