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Cork County Council can confirm that with immediate effect Civic Amenity sites will accept the following materials:

  • Household “black bag” waste for disposal – double bagged up to a maximum of 3 standard (80L) black bags per customer
  • Glass Bottles
  • Food and Beverage Cans
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic bottles
  • Plastic packaging

The following conditions will continue to apply:

  • Black bag waste for disposal should have the bag tied securely and then placed into a second bag and tied before arrival at the Civic Amenity Site.
  • No commercial vehicles or trailers will be allowed access
  • Only one person per vehicle can enter the site
  • All customers must place the waste into the receptacles themselves.  Civic Amenity  operatives will not be able to assist
  • Payment for black bag waste will be €4.00 per bag with maximum of 3 bags permitted. Weighing will not be possible as it increases the handling required
  • Customers must bring the exact payment i.e. €4, €8 or €12 depending on the number of bags
  • Physical distancing of a minimum 2m must be observed at all times
  • Sites will not be accepting garden waste, timber, metal waste, bulky items, waste electronic equipment (WEE), oils or paints

Due to the reduced range of recyclables being accepted, the normal €3 entry fee shall be waived for the period of the current health protection measures being in place.

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