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The initiative will focus on replacing approximately 1.3 km of ageing water mains along the (L1228) Mill Road, Castletownroche. The project is set to begin in early September and aims for completion by the end of October.

Improved Water Supply with Fewer Disruptions

Once the works are finalised, local residents will benefit from a more reliable water supply with reduced disruptions due to bursts and leakages.

Paul Gray of Uisce Éireann highlighted the importance of the project, stating:

“These works are part of a significant investment programme by Uisce Éireann to improve the water network across the country, prioritising investment where it is needed most to enable these communities to thrive.”

Local Impact and Alternative Routes

The project will necessitate some short-term local road closures and traffic management along the Mill Road. However, Uisce Éireann assures that the community will be notified well in advance and alternative routes and diversions will be clearly signposted. Local and emergency access will be maintained at all times.

A Collaborative Effort

Ward and Burke Construction Ltd have been contracted to execute the project on behalf of Uisce Éireann. The construction team will give residents at least 48 hours’ notice for any planned short-term water shut-offs to minimise inconvenience.

Furthermore, new water service connections will be laid from the public water main in the road to customers’ property boundaries. In instances where existing service connections are lead-based, these will be replaced.

Progress in Leak Reduction

The water mains replacement in Castletownroche is a part of Uisce Éireann’s broader strategy to reduce leaks nationwide. In 2018, the rate of water leakage was 46%. This rate dropped to 37% by the end of 2022. The ambitious goal is to bring it down to 25% by 2030.

For Further Information

Residents with queries about the project can contact Uisce Éireann at 1800 278 278 or visit the Water Supply Updates section of the Uisce Éireann website for regular updates.

In addition to the website, Uisce Éireann has made available various videos related to the Leakage Reduction Programme. These can be viewed on web and social media platforms and offer insights into the national efforts to mitigate water loss.

About Uisce Éireann

Uisce Éireann is committed to delivering public drinking water and wastewater services to the people of Ireland. They continue to invest in upgrading critical infrastructure to support sustainable growth, provide safe drinking water, and enhance the environment.

For more details, visit Uisce Éireann’s Leakage Reduction Programme.