Significant demand for GPs to meet growing workload and impending retirements.

The Irish College of General Practitioners, the professional body for general practice in Ireland, has launched its #BEaGP social video campaign to recruit the highest ever number of GP trainees in 2022.

The President of the ICGP, Prof. Tom O’Dowd, said:

The College has been steadily increasing its training numbers, to meet demand from the growing complexity of older patients, and plan for impending retirements and population growth. General Practitioners are at the forefront of the health service, as illustrated during the COVID-19 pandemic, when GPs managed over 80% of all COVID-19 cases.

It’s never been a better time to become a GP in Ireland, with unprecedented clinical opportunities, good work-life balance, and the roll-out of the Chronic Disease Management programme.”

The National Director of Training, Dr Martin Rouse , said:

Ireland has about 3,500 GPs, which is 29% fewer GPs per head than the UK. The College has steadily increased its training numbers over the past decade. We aim to train 350 per year by 2026, and we will have workforce pressures and problems replacing retiring GPs in the meantime.

He added: “This year we will recruit 255 trainees, the highest so far, and trainees can be assured they will receive four years of excellent training with wonderful career opportunities awaiting them on completion. The ICGP is working very closely with the HSE to manage the growth in trainee numbers with the hope of meeting the increasing demand for GPs.”

The #BEaGP social media campaign, with the hashtag #BEaGP,  will run a series of video stories of GP trainees and GP trainers on the College’s social media channels, describing their experiences of general practice, and their training experience.

The online application process for GP trainees opens today (Wednesday October 13th), and closes on Wednesday 17th November.

Applicants can find full details at the dedicated website and on the College’s website


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