Hi guys Martin here from Bad Boys BBQ..

We really need your guys help if you can at all. Together with the cork showgrounds a different local producers we have organised a drive-through movie. We are trying to get the word out to make it a success. We have brought together different people from staff suppliers and other small businesses hiring equipment etc. If this could be put on as a good news story it really would help.

Bad Boys BBQ is delighted to announce that we are going to run a Drive In Cinema on the Cork Showgrounds, starting on Friday 11th September. The event is planned to run for 5-6 weekends, further dates may be possible.


The Drive In Cinema is a fully contactless experience and fully compliant with the current Covid regulations. Tickets are bought online and there will no need for patrons to leave their car once they arrive at the venue. It is a fun and safe way for both families and individuals to enjoy some time in a safe space and also give something to look forward to. Enjoy classic movies such as The Joker, The greatest showman or bring the kids to Jurassic World and Madagascar We have afternoon shows for children and evening shows for adults.

See our schedule at https://badboysbbq.ie/drive-in-tickets.

BadBoysBBQ are providing the hot food (BBQ) and beverages which include sweet options such as popcorn and mixed sweets. Also available is a range of soft drinks together with slushies of different flavours and ice-cream. We have in place a pre-order system which allows each car to order hot food and sweets online. After they have ordered and paid online they are then directed to text or email their location when they arrive in the drive-in cinema. The area is clearly marked out and we then deliver straight to the car. The delivery staff are fully equipped with the necessary PPE and make no contact with the people in the vehicles.

In these difficult times we aim to bring a few hours of joy and even though all events have been cancelled we have teamed up with different companies to bring a family experience. So whether it’s your birthday your anniversary or you just need a good day out The drive in cinema is here for you. We are also supporting a local charity so every car ticket but I don’t nation will be made to a local charity.

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