The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has today, Sunday 4 March 2018, advised road users to remain vigilant on the roads as the snow and ice begins to thaw.

The RSA has the following advice for road users;

  • Remember that there may still be snow and ice lingering in sheltered spots and on bends and corners. 
  • Be aware of the risk of thawing ice and slush build up at road sides. Visibility will be reduced as spray from vehicles is thrown onto the windscreen of your vehicle. Keep an extra distance from the vehicle in front, especially goods vehicles, and ensure that your windshield washer is full. Keep your lights clear of grime and dirt.
  • Slow down as there may also be localised flooding as the thaw starts and this will increase the risk of aquaplaning. Use dipped headlights so you can be seen by other motorists.
  • Road surfaces may be damaged after the freeze / thaw action of the frost and ice. Motorists, especially cyclists and motorcyclists are advised to watch carefully for such hazards.
  • Motorists are asked to allow extra distance when passing cyclists and motorcyclists as they may have to take evasive action to avoid a hazard such as black ice or a pot-hole.
  • Road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists should be aware of overhead hazards. Melting snow and ice falling from buildings and trees pose a serious risk. Be aware of what’s happening above you and stay clear from the edges of buildings.
  • Pedestrians should avoid walking in the streets at all costs if possible. Remember, cars and trucks slip and slide too.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists need to be seen while out using the roads wear high visibility clothing, an armband, Sam Browne belt or a high visibility vest.


By Cork Safety Alerts

Administrator of Cork Safety Alerts.