About Us

CSA-logoPNGProviding minute-by-minute updates on Traffic, Travel and Safety in Cork.

Cork Safety Alerts research, collate and publish updates on Traffic, Travel and General Safety in Cork. Cork Safety Alerts is a sole individual identity, we are not affiliated with any other business, media, news or government organisations.

Founded originally in early 2013 by Patrick O’Leary as ‘Cork Potholes’ with an aim to highlight the damage on local roads in Cork. Cork Potholes gained a large following in a short period of time. In late 2013 ‘Cork Potholes’ was changed to ‘Cork Road Safety’ and it was in late 2013, Mick Mulcahy came on board and took over the running of ‘Cork Road Safety.’

Our next venture was ‘Cork Flood Alerts’ which gained massive success following winter storms of 2013/2014. The suggestion of a complete ‘Cork Safety Alerts’ service was submitted to us around the end of 2015, as at this time we were running both Cork Road Safety and Cork Flood Alerts independently of one another. 18/01/16 was the date that ‘Cork Safety Alerts’ was born, ‘Cork Road Safety’ and ‘Cork Flood Alerts’ were merged to create the service we have today.

In 2017 we began development of the Cork Safety Alerts mobile application, which at present (Dec. 17) is in private beta testing, and is working well. More information will be published on the mobile app’s as development progresses.

At the end of 2017, we celebrate over 1.08M unique visits to the Cork Safety Alerts website and an organic reach on Facebook of 150,000+ per week, alongside our 85,000+ followers on Facebook.

Any content submitted to us is governed by our social media submission policy, available here.

We’re registered in Ireland; #561994.

Leadership Team:

  • Patrick – Co Founder
  • Mick – Co Founder
  • Jayde – Administration Lead

Administration Team:

  • Grace – Administration Team
  • Amanda – Administration Team
  • Veronica – Administration Team

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