Weather outlook for the weekend ahead; Thursday 3rd March 2016.

  • Later this evening the light rain may become a bit wintery (6% chance) as temperatures decrease back to 5ºC (0ºC).
  • Tonight will see a cloud break up and temps as low as 1ºC (-4ºC) giving a widespread ground frost.


Weekend outlook:

  • The weekend looks fairly quiet really with the only thorn in ones side will be the cold. Although not an entirely dry weekend, at the moment it looks like it will be one of the better ones than of late.
  • To point a finger at the worst part of the weekend we would point towards Sunday.
  • Next week at a fly looks to be generally a bit milder and some rain thrown in so that we wouldn’t be too excited with Tuesday to be the warmest and wettest at the moment of the week.


Forecast provided by Cork – All Things Weather.

By Cork Safety Alerts

Administrator of Cork Safety Alerts.