Mmm, a 99! We like the sound of that…. anyone deliver?

Another bright, sunny and very warm day expected for Tuesday, 20th June as forecasters predict temperatures of up to 25°C in some areas. It’s expected to be dry with hazy sunshine and scattered clouds.

Don’t forget to cover up, and stay out of intense mid-day sun (from 11am – 2pm.) Children should always be covered in a SPF50+ if necessary to be in direct sunshine, but remember that skin can be damaged even if you don’t burn!

Outlook for the week:

  • Wednesday: Another warm day, with periods of hazy sunshine. Temperatures of 20°C – 26°C in many areas.
  • Thursday: Dry, bright but cooler than previous with temperatures of 15°C – 20°C expected.
  • Friday: An increase of cloud is expected bringing some patchy rain, and temperatures feeling much fresher; 15°C – 18°C.


Source: Met Eireann

By Cork Safety Alerts

Administrator of Cork Safety Alerts.