Recently, Taoiseach Micheál Martin, TD, visited Cork’s first dedicated facility for stroke survivors, which opened just 8 months ago but has already expanded beyond its original scope to meet the needs of stroke survivors and their families. The supports provided at Cork Stroke Support Centre in Blackrock in Cork city provide a lifeline for stroke survivors and their families, easing the transition from hospital to home.

Taoiseach visits Cork Stroke Support centre to see impact of new dedicated facility.

Since its opening in October 2021, the facility has expanded its service-user support, adapting to the needs of the stroke survivors. The centre recognised an unmet need and now offers an important and impactful programme that provides an intensive support system for small groups of stroke survivors in the form of an 8-week. The programme, which has secured HSE-funding for the next 3 years, provides a nurse, physiotherapist and exercise assistant to groups of 8 who meet weekly at the centre to focus on physical exercise, social integration and peer support. This unique and new offering to stroke survivors has a significant and life-enhancing impact. 

An Taoiseach, Mícheál Martin TD meeting Stroke Survivor Norman O’Rourke. Image: Michael O’Sullivan /OSM PHOTO

The establishment of the full-time Cork Stroke Support Centre, in a dedicated and specially-equipped facility, has strengthened collaborations with hospitals and other care facilities. This collaborative approach ensures that patients are being referred to the centre for life-improving interventions. Within a safe and supported environment, stroke survivors are learning how to adapt to life after a stroke and achieve recovery milestones.

During today’s visit, Taoiseach Micheál Martin said:

This dedicated centre, the first of its kind in Cork, is providing life enhancing interventions for the people who are using its services. The success of this centre is testament to the founders, staff and board who listen, learn and respond to the needs of stroke survivors. This centre is a wonderful example of how a person-centred collaborative approach can have life-altering outcomes. The HSE, hospitals, community, sponsors and the Cork Stroke Support Centre work together to create a secure and supported pathway for stroke survivors to gain the confidence and skills to adapt to life after stroke.

Chairperson of Cork Stroke Support (CSS) Dan Cronin said:

The success of the service to date, and recognition through the recent ‘Lord Mayor’s Community and Voluntary Award’ ensures that the facility, and the important services we provide, is well-known in the region. We want CSS to be a household name so that if families find themselves dealing with the impact of stroke, as my own family did in 2014, they know what supports are available. We are so proud of the dedicated Board, Management committee, Sponsors, and Volunteers  here who are motivated to ensure we are providing the best possible supports to stroke-survivors. It is heartening to hear some of our service users to describe the centre as a ‘home away from home’, because that is what we are creating here. A safe, secure, supported environment where they can gain the skills and confidence to live an active life in the community.

An Taoiseach, Mícheál Martin TD pictured meeting stroke survivor Derry O’Callaghan. Image: Michael O’Sullivan /OSM PHOTO

Information on the services and opportunities to support them can be found at and they can be contacted on 021 2427599.


Cork Stroke Support is a register charity (CHY 20796) founded in 2010 by volunteer health professionals working with stroke survivors and their families. 

In recent years the group has provided support services one day a week in St. Finbarr’s Hospital, but as the need for expansion was recognised, the group devised a new strategy based on the needs of the people they support. Namely to offer a dedicated stroke support centre that would provide a 5 day service and a range of activities that would support recovery, health and wellbeing. From that initial idea the team of volunteers has grown, funds were raised, and a building was identified and renovated to suit the needs of the users. The centre and activities are focused on providing a fun, friendly and safe community where people can find tools, supports and friendships.

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