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Without a doubt we are living through an extraordinary chapter of history. For the benefit of future generations, Cork County Council’s Library & Arts Service is on a mission to document the lived experiences of people across County Cork during this global COVID 19 pandemic, through a ‘Collection of local stories from Covid-19 for Future Generations’.

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The Council’s Library Service is gathering stories, photos, posters, health notices and other materials relating to the pandemic in order to compile a social history archive. The local history library is collating the reflections of Cork County Council staff and inviting submissions from individuals, community groups, schools and library users.

Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Ian Doyle, welcomed the initiative, saying:

“This period in history will be of great interest to future generations and Cork County Council’s Library & Arts Service is inviting people to share their stories and experiences for posterity. Coronavirus has changed every single aspect of how we live, the way we work, the way we shop, our social lives, the way we practice our religion and even the way we communicate. I imagine the generations that follow us and future historians will be fascinated to learn how we experienced and adapted to these changes.”

Chief Executive of Cork County Council Tim Lucey commented:

“The Local Studies ‘Collection of Local Stories from Covid 19 for Future Generations’ will create an archive of material that reflects the impact of the global pandemic on the people of Cork County. Our Library Staff are in a unique position having built relationships over many years, to have a genuine understanding of their customers and their local area. The Local Studies Library has started to collect material relating to Cork County Council’s response and will be engaging with the public, through social media, print media, local radio and the library branch network. The library will utilise its extensive existing local network to ensure a broad range of society is included in this archive.”

More information on the initiative will be available on or follow Cork County Council @Corkcoco on Facebook and Twitter for updates.


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