Cork City Council’s Crisis Management Team has been stood down over-night and will reconvene early on Friday morning as severe weather conditions continue.

The developing weather system has delayed the arrival of the forecasted snow blizzard conditions and a Status Red Weather Warning remains in force until 18.00 hours tomorrow (Friday 2nd March). Sub zero temperatures and icy conditions are set to continue overnight. Strong winds will develop with heavy snow showers and high accumulations in some areas. These severe conditions are likely to persist late into Friday.

The City Council is advising the public to continue to heed warnings for people to remain in-doors until the severe weather has passed.

The City Council Emergency Services will remain in position overnight to respond to emergency situations.

The Council is logging all non-emergency service requests as it prioritises and responds to emergency requests. Non-emergency service requests will be dealt with by the Council when the period of severe weather comes to an end.

Should assistance be required in the event of an emergency, the following are the relevant contact number:

Cork City Council 1800 28 30 34
Irish Water 1850 27 82 78

The City Council will providing further updates tomorrow.



By Cork Safety Alerts

Administrator of Cork Safety Alerts.