A statement from HSE services in Cork and Kerry in relation to preparedness for this week’s cold weather.

(This is a joint statement from Cork Kerry Community Healthcare, the South South West Hospital Group and the National Ambulance Service)

The HSE Crisis Management team for Cork and Kerry met earlier today to discuss the preparations for the severe cold weather expected later this week.

The HSE in Cork and Kerry would like to reassure the public that preparations are already well underway to make sure that the health services are as ready as possible for this expected cold weather.

We will do everything possible to maintain all essential services, particularly services to vulnerable people at home in the community. The situation will be closely monitored in the days ahead, and further updates will be issued.

Today, we appeal to people to check that they are stocked up with any medicines and health care supplies they may need this week. We ask people to remember that they may not be able to get to a pharmacy if conditions are poor.

The usual advice to the public in preparing for poor conditions is to make sure you have the three “Fs” stocked up – that’s food, fuel and fluids. To that list we’re adding medicines.

Again, our advice to the public is to use Tuesday to stock up on medicines, food, fuel and fluids, specifically drinking water.

Where it is safe to do so, we’d ask people to consider checking in on elderly or vulnerable members of the community, and to make sure they have supplies of food, fuel, water and medicines.

Further updates will issue during the week.

As part of the ongoing preparations, the HSE remains in constant contact and active engagement with all other relevant agencies, and we would like to thank them for their continued work and support.

The Winter Ready website, winterready.ie, has useful advice for all.

By Cork Safety Alerts

Administrator of Cork Safety Alerts.