In Bandon, indications are that the drainage and sewer network was overwhelmed by the volume of rainfall on the evening of Monday 24th August.

There are two projects currently underway in Bandon. The OPW Major Flood Relief Scheme is near completion; its main aspects are functioning and performed well during this event. The OPW have advised that the level of the River Bandon was relatively low during this rainfall event and drains were able to discharge by gravity to the river. When the river is higher, the pump stations kick in as required. The limitation last night appears to have been the capacity of the pipes and the gullies.

Irish Water’s Bandon Main Drainage Scheme is also in progress. This will involve some storm water separation and some upsizing of combined sewers. This work, when completed, will provide significantly increased storm water capacity.

In Bantry, the period of intense rainfall last night resulted in very large volumes of runoff from high ground and high flows in the watercourses which feed the culverts. There has been significant damage to the street surface at New Street and Main Street. An emergency structural assessment has been completed near the junction of New Street and Main Street in advance of reopening the Main Street, Bridge Street and High Street this afternoon, it is hoped that New Street will reopen to traffic later this evening. A consultant engaged by Cork County Council, has confirmed that the culvert remains intact despite the damage to the road above it and we are now in a position to reinstate the road surface.

In Bantry, Cork County Council is working closely with its partners, the OPW & Irish Water to develop and deliver a solution to a complex, stone construction culverted drainage system that is impacted by multiple services (utility, public and private), foundations of private buildings, under the roads and footpaths within the town. The tender process for the consultancy contract for the Bantry Flood Relief Scheme is at an advanced stage and is expected to issue in the coming weeks.

In Bandon and Skibbereen, we are working closely with these partners to ensure that issues highlighted by recent flooding will be addressed once the schemes in both towns are complete.

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