If you’re an avid user of Facebook, you’ve probably seen one of your friends share this hoax warning. The hoax message, which is being distributed via Facebook Messengers warns that the user “Jayden K Smith” will somehow connect to your Facebook / Messenger profile and begin to message your friends, and do all sorts of not-so-nice things to your Facebook page.

We can confirm, that this message and warning is 100% fake – and is a hoax.

The same message, gets recycled quite a bit online and multiple names are used however, Jayden K Smith appears to be the latest name on the message.

The message asks you to forward it to your friends through messenger, to alert or warn them of the so called “hacker.” There’s absolutely no need to worry, and there isn’t someone called “Jayden K Smith” going to hack your Facebook page, whew – relax!

It’s easy to believe these messages, because they are coming from people you trust; friends, family and colleagues but there is absolutely no truth behind them and all start as a chain message.

Just ignore the message, or tell the person who sent it to you to visit this page and let them breath a sigh of relief! 


By Cork Safety Alerts

Administrator of Cork Safety Alerts.