A number of SMS scams are currently in circulation, targeting Irish customers. One of which is “You received (1) new photo message–” which includes a link to a scam voucher webpage similar to the voucher scams we’ve covered in the past.

The texts appear to be originating from various countries, some of the numbers we’ve see are:

  • +356 77792465
  • +44 7400341628
  • +358 454555513
  • “IrishTax”

It’s important to remember that SMS Messages / Short Codes / Numbers and sender names can be easily spoofed. Chances are, the number sending the text is not a real or valid number.

We’ve seen a number of variations of the messages, but all seem to follow the same pattern. We’ve included some of the messages received by both us and our followers below. If you receive any of these messages, simply delete them. Don’t click on the link and don’t reply.









The link that we were brought to on the “new photo” sms, links to a fake Argos voucher website.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 18.22.06


If you have received one of these messages, delete it immediately and block the number if your device allows. If you’re ever in doubt, pop us a message on Facebook and we’ll check whether a message / website or link is genuine so you don’t have to.


By Cork Safety Alerts

Administrator of Cork Safety Alerts.