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In a statement issued today, Retail Excellence Ireland are reminding customers that as stores begin to reopen – the stores are reopening permanently and not just for day 1 of the Phased Reopening.

We would like to remind all consumers that as stores reopen, these stores are reopening for good and thus you don’t need to visit them on day 1 of reopening. Commenting on the reopening activity of retailers David Fitzsimons, Group Chief Executive Retail Excellence said: “We are delighted to see retail gradually reopen.

Many retailers have now put in place operating methods which, for some, has led to slower and more deliberate ways of functioning. This is turn can increase the time it takes to serve customers.

We ask all consumers to bear with us and be reminded that we don’t all need to visit these stores in their first few days of reopening. We thank all customers for their considerate response to the reopening of many retail businesses.”

The business support measures announced by Government to date are not fit for purpose. We urgently require:

  • A commercial rent grant equivalent to 60% of the rent payable during the period of emergency
  • A 12 months local authority rates waiver
  • 0% loans for all impacted business and a Covid-19 compensation scheme

Who are Retail Excellence?

Established in 1995, Retail Excellence is owned by the members, for the members. We are an organisation which invests in innovative and exciting learning, market intelligence, human resources services, Government representation and member networking initiatives. Retail Excellence has over 2,250 leading retail company members in Ireland. Our members are the most progressive and innovative retailers. Retail Excellence is by far the largest retail industry body in Ireland.

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