Project ACT, Cork County Council’s scheme to support and reactivate our County towns and villages, is providing an extra boost to villages in County Cork through an increase in the 2020 allocations of Village Enhancement Scheme funding. The Scheme funds improvements to the public realm and community infrastructure of villages with the overall aim of strengthening the fabric of rural County Cork.

Chief Executive of Cork County Council, Tim Lucey, explains,

In order to build resilience, support communities and boost local economies, Project ACT is rolling out a wide range of measures across County towns and villages. This year each Municipal District has seen an increase in funding from the Village Enhancement Scheme to €68,750 per village. With a focus on the key villages set out in the County Development Plan, Cork County Council is targeting funds on improving public realm and connectivity with the addition of walkways, street furniture, planters, trees and other specific and appropriate measures.

Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Mary Linehan Foley, welcomed the increased enhancement funding for villages,

The many benefits of the Town Development Fund are well demonstrated in our County towns. This programme, the Village Enhancement Scheme, has a similar impact in rural areas, by improving the infrastructure, the aesthetics and the facilities of our villages. While the funding is administered through the Municipal District Office, the community has a part to play by helping to ensure planters are planted up and well maintained for example. It’s another fine example of Cork County Council working in collaboration with our communities to enhance and improve our rural areas and the quality of life for everyone.

In Macroom Municipal District, the village of Rylane was designated as the 2020 recipient of the Village Enhancement Fund for improvement works to Rylane Community Hall, including resurfacing of the grounds. Along with clearance of the surrounding area, tarmac and kerbing, fencing, carpark lining and pavement improvements, the works will ensure greater capacity, accessibility and use of the space.

In Carrigaline Municipal District, the village of Halfway has benefitted from significant investment under the Village Enhancement Scheme 2020, with improved pedestrian connectivity through the village, improved drainage and village presentation. Cork County Council continues to work with the Halfway Tidy Village Association to progress public realm enhancements in the village.

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