• Restrictions in place until 7am on Monday, 26 September

Due to the continued high demand for water after the recent hot weather, the entire Clonakilty Urban Network will see night-time water restrictions over the weekend, each night from 11pm until 7am.

The restrictions are required to give the reservoirs time to replenish and are necessary during this off-peak time, as it is possible that there would be insufficient water supply to homes and businesses during daytime hours without some measures being put in place. 

Areas affected include the entire Clonakilty Urban Network. In particular, high ground and the extremities of the network such as Youghals, Cloheen, Ladys Cross, The Bypass Road, Cottage Road, Fernhill Road, The Miles, Tawnies Lower, Barrick Hill. 

The Water Conservation Order introduced in West Cork remains in place and Irish Water would again urge communities to play their part in conserving water. 

Niall O’Riordan, Operations Lead with Irish Water, said:

Unfortunately, we must extend the night-time restrictions until Monday morning, given the ongoing high demand for water. It is possible that the restrictions may have to continue past that, but we will endeavour to inform the community as soon as possible.

I again want to thank the people of Clonakilty, and the whole of West Cork, for having patience and playing their part in conserving water. It has been a difficult time with restrictions and the conservation order, but the community have pulled together to play its part.

Restrictions must be very inconvenient for everyone, but it is necessary to maintain reservoir levels and ensure a sufficient water supply to homes and businesses during normal working hours.

To help people learn more about saving water we have developed an easy-to-use conservation calculator so the public can work out how much water they are currently saving and how they can conserve even more. The free calculator is available on the Irish Water website at www.water.ie/calculator where you can also find lots of useful water saving tips.

Irish Water will continue to monitor the levels at all our supplies over the coming weeks and months and take any actions that may be necessary to maintain supplies, including communicating about localised issues as they arise. 

Members of the public can report any leaks in the public water network by contacting Irish Water 24/7 on 1800 278 278 or on the Irish Water website.

There are a number of easy steps to reduce water usage during the hot weather, including:

  • Avoid power washing and keep the garden hose in the shed
  • Check for leaks on outdoor taps or troughs as these can lead to large losses of treated water
  • Remember that paddling pools and swimming pools can use huge volumes of water so consider reusing the water for the garden or cleaning the car.
  • Report any visible leaks on the public network to Irish Water on the Irish Water website or call 1800 278 278. 

Where householders experience very low flow or pressure, lower than neighbouring properties, they may have a service pipe leak. Irish Water’s First-Fix-Free Scheme can help with the location and repair of external leaks. Details on our website or call 1800 278 278.

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