• Libraries to use funding to reach out to older people, marginalised and disadvantaged groups
  • Digital apps to assist people with low literacy levels, learning differences, visual or hearing impairments.
  • Ministers praise role played by libraries during Covid-19 Pandemic

Older people, families with low literacy skills and disadvantaged and marginalised groups are to benefit from a funding package of €713,500 that will be channelled through the country’s libraries.

Some €650,000 will be provided from the 2020 Dormant Accounts Action Plan and €63,500 will be provided from Libraries funding, which is administered by the Department of Rural and Community Development.

The funding has a specific focus and is aimed at groups such as the elderly, the Traveller Community, those with disabilities and people living in Direct Provision.

Part of the funding will be used to purchase literacy/numeracy digital skills licences/apps to assist people with low literacy levels, learning differences, visual or hearing impairments.

Other examples that the funding will be used for include:

  • Classes for older people to learn to use to use WhatsApp and Zoom
  • Provision of musical sessions for young members of the Traveller Community
  • Initiatives aimed at members of the Deaf and Blind Community and people with disabilities
  • Workshops in coding and robotics for children from DEIS schools

The funding was announced today by Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys TD, and Minister of State with responsibility for CommunityDevelopment and Charities, Joe O’Brien TD.

Announcing the funding, Minister Humphreys said:

This funding will have real positive benefits for so many people. I am delighted that this funding has been allocated to libraries across the country. The last few months have been very difficult and any funding which helps our libraries to reach out and engage with communities is most welcome.

Also welcoming the funding, Minister O’Brien said:

I am delighted to approve these projects under the 2020 Dormant Accounts Action Plan. The projects are diverse in nature and target a multiplicity of groups including Travellers, New Irish, residents of Direct Provision Centres, the elderly who have experienced isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, autism, deaf and blind communities, and people with learning differences such as dyslexia. This funding is building on the excellent projects which were delivered last year and will increase the public library capacity to continue that great work of fostering community well-being and building community cohesion.

 The funding will provide:

  1. €512,626 for events and programmes which reaches out to marginalised, socially excluded and disadvantaged communities.
  2. €180,874 to purchase literacy/numeracy digital skills licences/apps to assist people with low literacy levels, learning differences, visual or hearing impairments.
  3. €20,000 to carry out a review of library services in prisons and also to develop a ‘Design Thinking’ pilot for libraries.

 Minister Humphreys thanked the local authorities and the library staff for their ongoing commitment and support to the public library service.

The local authorities have supported the library service during what has been an incredibly challenging year and by matching my Department’s funding of €713,500 with €83,722 of their own they have shown their commitment to ensuring that these programmes will have a really positive impact in their communities.

Minister O’Brien concluded:

It is great to see the investment in literacy and numeracy digital apps and licences. These can be expensive and very difficult to afford for families who need them. I hope that families, schools and afterschool clubs avail of these and benefit from them.

Details of the allocation per county is set out in Appendix 1.

Programming Element

Details of the projects are listed in Appendix 2. A table detailing the proposed County funding allocation is included in Appendix 1.

 Digital Literacy Supports

This funding will purchase literacy, numeracy, digital skills licences/apps to assist adults or children with low literacy levels, those with learning differences or visually/hearing impaired e.g. Lexia; Touch-Type, Read, Spell; Nessy etc.

Review of library services in prisons

A number of Library Authorities provide a service to prisons across the country but there are variations in the level of service provided. The library is considered to be a unique normalised environment within the prisons and is very popular. There is a great opportunity, through the library service, to work in a meaningful way across the prison service to improve literacy, digital literacy and indeed rehabilitation back into society. The current prison library service needs to be reviewed and best practice/standards agreed and implemented across the country.

Design Thinking Pilot Initiative

A ‘Design Thinking’ pilot will see selected libraries engaging with disadvantaged, marginalised and socially isolated communities to develop  services and facilities that address the needs and wants of the people they are working with. The core idea behind design thinking is that if you want to create a service you need to have an in-depth understanding of the needs and feelings of the people who will use it. It is a user-centred approach to developing services. When the users are involved in developing the service they will feel more included and hopefully use the library more. This is particularly important for engaging with disadvantaged or marginalised communities.

Appendix 1 – Proposed Allocations for each Local Authority

Local AuthorityTotal CostDepartment ContributionLocal Authority Contribution
Cork City€2,584.00€2,325.60€258.40
Cork County€27,213.06€24,491.75€2,721.31
Dublin City€98,468.14€88,621.33€9,846.81
Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown€60,000.00€54,000.00€6,000.00




















South Dublin€57,200.00€51,480.00€5,720.00


Total Amount€777,222.23€693,500.00€83,722.23

Appendix 2 – Programme Funding Details



SummaryParticipating CommunityCost of projectDRCD Allocation for Project
CarlowThe Carlow Literacy Friendly County initiative aims to identify the key literacy issues in Carlow, the supports available and develop a resource pack and interactive video to raise literacy awareness among local businesses and organisations.Families with literacy needs, those with English as another language.€23,000.00€20,700.00
CarlowProgressing the successful Story Streetspilot programme from last year by continuing to work with interested community services, supporting them in reading and book-based activities.Families with literacy needs, those with English as another language.€1,400.00€1,260.00
CarlowPurchase of TTRS and Lexia licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences€6,136.91€5,523.22


Carlow  €30,536.91€27,483.22
CavanThis project proposes a painting workshop with a range of activities that include looking at what Ballyjamesduff means to the community past and present, which comprises of a culturally rich population including new Irish, some locals and some older people from the local seniors group who hold much wisdom.Older people, residents of deprived areas, new Irish€2,126.00€1,913.40
CavanThis proposal centres on a multisensory artist residency at a school for children of unique abilities, some of whom have profound physical and learning needs, with specially developed workshops and performances which will sensitively respond to the particular needs of each child.Holy Family Special School in Cootehill€3,600.00€3,240.00
CavanPurchase of TTRS licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€6,959.38€6,263.44


Cavan  €12,685.38€11,416.84
ClareIn light of the isolation felt by older people while cocooning during the lockdown, this is a 4 week programme of day time classes in Digital Smartphone technology in 5 large libraries, learning about WhatsApp, Zoom etc.Older people throughout Co. Clare€4,800.00€4,320.00
ClareProgressing from a successful programme held in 2019, this programme will aim to alleviate anxiety & fear children may have after being absent from school for over six months.Scoil Chriost Rí, Cloughleigh, Ennis€2,200.00€1,980.00
ClareA supplementary literacy and numeracy programme held by a therapist who embeds the learning into art, gardening and science workshops.St. Senan’s N.S., Kilrush€1,370.00€1,233.00
ClareDue to the success of last year’s programme staff now have greater awareness and confidence to provide a programme of events as a result of their training and workshops.Those with Sensory needs€2,190.00€1,971.00
ClarePurchase of TTRS licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€3,870.00€3,483.00
Clare  €14,430.00€12,987.00
Cork CityProvision of 3 online basic coding courses for adults from marginalised areas of Cork city.Early school leavers in Knocknaheeny, Hollyhill, Churchfield Blackpool, The Glen, Mayfield & the City Centre€1,584.00€1,425.60
Cork CityProvision of an on-line facilitated ‘sing song’ which will support the individuals confined to their homes or care setting because of age or infirmity, and will create a better quality of life of them and will increase their community participation.Older people, people living with dementia€1,000.00€900.00
Cork City  €2,584.00€2,325.60
Cork CountyNEW start’ is an early year’s library programme supporting Numeracy, Early Literacy and Writing skills.Newly arrived Syrian families, people with literacy needs, Traveller Community€12,483.05€11,234.75
Cork CountyPurchase of TTRS licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€14,730.00€13,257.00
Cork County  €27,213.06€24,491.75
DonegalThis project will encourage older people to engage with the Library Service in a safe location and offer them a space in which to share their COVID-19 experiencesOlder people in Buncrana and surrounding areas.€3,000.00€2,700.00
DonegalThe aim of the programme is to develop an interest in STEAM based activities among children and to be a learning experience for the parents/guardians, by using kits which are circuit based packs for building a small robotic piece.Traveller Community, children with intellectual differences & residents od deprived areas.€630.00€567.00
DonegalAs part of the children’s book festival (Wainfest), under the Right to Read programme, a 6 week personalised 30 minute bedtime music and movement session will be provided.Traveller Community, & residents of deprived areas€1,650.00€1,485.00
DonegalThe overall aim of this programme is to improve access to the library for this target group and provide them with a space to get together and to meet with others, and interact and enjoy various activities.Blind & visually impaired people, older people€3,100.00€2,790.00
DonegalPurchase of TTRS licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€10,533.22€9,479.90
Donegal  €18,913.22€17,021.90
Dublin CityThe programme will have 2 dedicated programmers in the Dublin area which will create an inspiring programme with authors, artists, musicians, poets, actors who will share work and ideas of what sustains them and gives them joy. It will be delivered through webinars and Zoom.Residents of deprived areas

Older people

New Irish

Traveller Community

Dublin CityThis project is planned to support family literacy at individual family level. Participants will be targeted through already established partnerships working from specific branch librariesDEIS school students, People with literacy needs, Early school leavers, Traveller Community and New Irish€18,632.14€16,768.93
Dublin CityPurchase of TTRS licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€19,836.00€17,852.40
Dublin City  €98,468.14€88,621.33
Dún Laoghaire – RathdownThis will develop a visual signage initiative with a view to making the library branches more accessible and inclusive to all in our community.People with autism and sensory issues.€3,000.00€2,700.00
Dún Laoghaire – RathdownTo introduce a number of initiatives in Dún Laoghaire – Rathdown libraries to support those who are deaf or hearing impaired. Under the National Disability Inclusion Strategy 2017-2021 there is a requirement to ensure public services are universally designed and accessible to all citizens.Those who are deaf or have hearing impairments€10,000.00€9,000.00
Dún Laoghaire – RathdownA series of online workshops for teens, facilitated by well-known YA authors/illustrators. These sessions will allow Irish authors to interact with/inspire their audience of young adults with a sense of wonder, creativity and imagination.Teenagers from marginalised communities€6,000.00€5,400.00
Dún Laoghaire – RathdownThe aim of the Lexicon’s Reading Together pack is to empower parents of young children from disadvantaged backgrounds to read with their children.People with literacy needs.€12,000.00€10,800.00
Dún Laoghaire – RathdownA series of 7 videos on the themes of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, along with online resources and accompanying activity sheets, will give patrons and their families access to relevant, good quality, educational material.DEIS school students€15,000.00€13,500.00
Dún Laoghaire – RathdownThis proposal comprises of a worksheet for primary school pupils in the Dún Laoghaire – Rathdown area entitled ‘What’s in a Name’, aimed at 4th-6th classes, and based on an exhibition and accompanying booklet on the name change from Kingstown to Dún Laoghaire in 1920, 100 years ago.DEIS school students, New Irish, those with literacy needs€8,000.00€7,200.00
Dún Laoghaire – RathdownPurchase of Collins Big Cat eBook Library


People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€6,000.00€5,400.00


Dún Laoghaire – Rathdown  €60,000.00€54,000.00
FingalThis programme aims to support those marginalised by various aspects of COVID-19 and support wellbeing and a return to education.DEIS schools, those with sensory needs & residents of deprived area.€9,500.00€8,550.00
FingalPurchase of licences for Coding Ireland and Lexia.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€8,649.87€7,784.88
Fingal  €18,149.87€16,334.88
GalwayChildren from DEIS schools will be invited to partake in a series of 8 online digital workshops training them in digital literacy skills using coding, robotics and STEM kits.DEIS schools across city & county€4,000.00€3,600.00
GalwayA variety of sensory events for children and teens with sensory issues, plus informational talks for parents, utilising links made through recent sensory funding from DRCD.People with autism and those with sensory needs€5,300.00€4,770.00
GalwayInformation brochures, registration cards in the main foreign languages used in Direct Provision Centres in Galway City and County (Arabic, Urdu, French, Albanian, Georgian, Russian, and Bengali).  Translation of brochures into Polish, Lithuanian & Latvian.New Irish, residents of direct provision centres€5,880.00€5,292.00
GalwayPurchase of TTRS licencesPeople with low literacy levels or learning differences.€4,910.00€4,419.00
Galway  €20,090.00€18,081.00
KerryFamily Time @ your library is part of Kerry Library Services’ Right to Read Programme comprising of online and physical components for both adults and children.People with literacy needs

, Early school leavers

, Residents of direct provision centre

, Residents of deprived areas

, Residents of direct provision centre

KerryPurchase of TTRS licencesPeople with low literacy levels or learning differences.€5,534.00€4,980.60


Kerry  €23,534.00€21,180.60
KildareThe aim of this programme is to explore different astronomy topics with a girls-only class in a DEIS school in a fun and engaging way. Storytetrave, drama and art will all be used as routes into exploring astronomy and igniting their curiosity and creativity through the arts.Curragh Girls N.S,€2,000.00€1,800.00
KildareTo commission a short-film Oisín and accompanying series of curated talks. Kildare Library and Arts Services have mentored the filmmakers to progress this project to this stage.LGBTQ+,

People with disability,

People with autism

KildareFocus on supporting parents to support their children in order to enhance their wellbeing and reach their full potential. Supports are provided through a diverse range of talks, workshops and events for parents on relevant themes and topics.DEIS School students

Early school leavers

Intellectual differences

People with disability,

Residents of deprived areas

KildareBiodiversity, gardening & art workshops to support lifelong learning and sensory supportLocal group called ShareRing Skills, which caters for adults and children with physical and learning differences.€1,160.00€1,044.00
KildarePurchase of TTRS licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€4,026.71€3,624.04
Kildare*  €37,386.71€27,648.04*
Kildare & WicklowEncourage parents to get a first library card for their newborn and young children. Thereafter the library services in both counties will engage with relevant agencies in order to reach parents from disadvantaged, marginalised and socially excluded communities and focus on the importance of reading aloud to their children and how this practice results in children entering Junior Infants with an enhanced vocabulary and an increased reading readinessNew Irish, Traveller Community, people with literacy needs, residents of direct provision centres€25,566.20€23,009.58
Kildare & Wicklow  €25,566.20€23,009.58
KilkennyDevelopment of Sensory Resources for Autism Spectrum Disorder students, families, health professionals and teachers.People with autism and those with sensory needs.€13,270.00€11,943.00
Kilkenny  €13,270.00€11,943.00
LaoisTo roll out library services to those cocooning and vulnerable persons over the course of the next four months during this unprecedented COVID-19 era.Working with Age Friendly Alliance –Laois Older people, those with ill health, residents if nursing homes€10,500.00€9,450.00
LaoisPurchase of Lexia licencesPeople with low literacy levels or learning differences.€5,842.00€5,257.80
Laois  €16,342.00€14,707.80
Leitrim, Sligo, RoscommonTo appoint a professional Occupational Therapist for a short/fixed time period in order to undertake a comprehensive consultation process with the three participating Library Authorities.People with autism, sensory needs, intellectual disabilities from across the three counties.€65,000.00€58,500.00




Leitrim, Sligo & Roscommon  €65,000.00€58,500.00
LimerickRun digital learning workshops in conjunction with Killmallock Foróige which will focus on designing, making and creating practical robotic objectsResidents of deprived areas and DEIS school students€5,000.00€4,500.00
LimerickPurchase of TTRS licencesPeople with low literacy levels or learning differences.€3,870.00€3,483.00
Limerick  €8,870.00€7,983.00
LongfordAn Introduction to Scratch Coding for Primary schoolchildren will be delivered through a combination of physical classes observing COVID-19 guidelines and online interactive classes.DEIS school students€5,500.00€4,950.00
LongfordBreaking down barriers to older people using technology in their daily lives through the provision of a training programme on library iPads and laptops focussed on our older citizens, farmers and those who are digitally illiterate.Longford Age Friendly Alliance and Age and Opportunity€10,500.00€9,450.00
LongfordPurchase of TTRS licencesPeople with low literacy levels or learning differences.€4,563.00


Longford  €20,563.00€18,506.70
LouthIn conjunction with a sensory friendly programme of events, for children, teenagers and young adults, it is proposed to engage with AsIAm.ie to provide staff training and conduct environmental surveys of Dundalk, Drogheda and Ardee libraries and implement recommendationsThose with autism, sensory needs, intellectual disabilities.€7,000.00€6,300.00
LouthPass Literacy On workshop  through online session, face to face day session & post training check-in session – (online or face to face)Early school leavers

, People with literacy needs

, Residents of deprived areas

, Traveller Community

LouthPurchase of TTRS licencesPeople with low literacy levels or learning differences.€9,969.00€8,972.10
Louth  €19,669.00€17,702.10
MayoThe programme will engage in weekly reading sessions with Second Class children from two local primary schools. The children are identified by the school as needing extra help and attention – either because English is not their first language or because they are not supported at home in developing literacy.People with literacy needs

, Residents of deprived areas, DEIS school students

MayoThe provision of Autism Awareness training to Mayo Library staff will augment the service’s ongoing effort to improve its sensory provision to adults and children with autism in Mayo, and to their families.People with autism and those with sensory needs€500.00€450.00
MayoPurchase of TTRS and Lexia licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€9,281.43€8,353.28
Mayo  €15,781.43€14,203.28
MeathPurchase of TTRS licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€12,039.67€10,835.70
Meath  €12,039.67€10,835.70




Funding will be used to engage educators/creative practitioners to develop and produce a high-quality blended programme, which will combine instructor-led learning and creative engagement, with online digital learning components, giving participants control over the range and rate of activity they achieve.


People with autism

, sensory needs

, intellectual differences

. People with literacy needs

MonaghanPurchase of Nessy and Lexia licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€6,327.28€5,694.54
Monaghan  €17,827.03€16,044.32
OffalyThis is a ‘Stop Motion Animation’ class using LEGO mini-figures.  The children will be encouraged to make their own sets and can use a tablet or mobile devices to record a short film.Mercy Primary School, St Brendan’s Monastery N.S.,€3,000.00€2,700.00
OffalyThis will be an onsite workshop series encouraging children to create a build using LEGO bricks and motors.


Residents of deprived areas€4,032.00€3,628.80
OffalyThis will be a community intergenerational music project taking place within socially excluded communities.Residents of deprived areas€5,280.00€4,752.00
OffalyPurchase of TTRS licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€7,035.67€6,332.10
Offaly  €19,347.67€17,412.90
RoscommonPurchase of TTRS licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€6,651.00€5,985.90


Roscommon*  €6,651.00€5,985.90
South DublinThis programme would see an engagement of young people in the North Clondalkin area with an exciting and structured week long music camp to take place in the library in partnership with Dublin based music school RockJam.Residents of deprived areas

, DEIS School students

, Early school leavers

. New Irish

South DublinThis project is a seven-week course culminating in an exhibition which will be launched by the Mayor of South Dublin County in Ballyroan Library. The exhibition will then be presented to the school as a permanent record of their involvement in the project.Scoil Mhuire and Edmondstown NS€12,700.00€11,430.00
South DublinThis programme consists of a series of recorded storytelling workshops with parents/family members for their children. The Storytime sessions will encompass a parent or family member reading a story to the child, the finished piece will include images and animations from the stories to bring them to life.DEIS School students, Early school leavers, Traveller Community, Residents of deprived areas, and People with literacy needs. Grandparents.

‘From Lads to Dads group’ a local group supporting new fathers.

South DublinRed Line Book Festival will take place this year from 12 October – 18 of October.  Due to the current health pandemic, a strong online programme has been created which will sit alongside the “in person” programme.DEIS School students, People with literacy needs. Older people

. Residents of deprived areas

South DublinBuilding on the success of last year’s ‘Humans of Balgaddy’ programme, this writing project will be with a group consisting of new participants and some from last year’s project.Child and Family Centre, Balgaddy€7,000.00€6,300.00
South DublinThis project aims to build on the already well established “[email protected]” housebound service which is delivered through our mobile library service.Working with Age Action Ireland to identify older people. Those with a disability.€6,500.00€5,850.00
South DublinPurchase of TTRS licences. €10,000.00€9,000.00
South Dublin  €57,200.00€51,480.00
TipperaryThe programme involves running a series of early years literacy and numeracy workshops aimed at childcare practitioners and parentsPeople with literacy needs

, Residents of deprived areas

TipperaryThis programme will provide support for digital literacy and lifelong learning to communities that face language and hearing barriers in accessing online services.The deaf community and those with hearing impairments.€6,722.00€6,049.80
TipperaryThis programme will support families in providing literacy supports in tandem with the national Right-to-Read programmeResidents of deprived areas

, People with literacy needs.

TipperaryPurchase of TTRS licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€6,651.00€5,985.90
Tipperary  €22,513.00€20,261.70
WaterfordCommunities in West Waterford will gain insight into local history and ways of life that may have passed.  Others will be upskilled in story collecting to enable the ongoing collection of stories once project has been completedOlder people€13,038.00€11,734.20
WaterfordThis programme will focus on improving children’s creativity and literacy by focusing on activities around sound recognition, phonics and sight vocabulary in a fun, interactive way. Activities will be delivered through drama, arts and crafts, small group work, one to one reading, story-time and physical activities.Ard An Ghleanna ECCE & ASC Early Years Services, Waterford€6,320.00€5,688.00
WaterfordThis Shakti Programme is a pre-development programme to lift migrant women out of poverty and into the social enterprise arena.Residents of direct provision centre

, New Irish

WaterfordPurchase of TTRS licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€3,098.91€2,789.02
Waterford  €27,814.91€25,033.42
WestmeathAlong with Midland Regional Youth Service, this provides an 8-week programme of fun, educational, thought provoking workshops which empower disadvantaged teenagers to gain information on environmental issues.Residents of direct provision centre

, New Irish

WestmeathThe Reader in Residence will engage in a programme of book and literacy awareness, working with Westmeath Community Development and Age Friendly Forum to reach people who feel excluded and isolated from library supports.Older people

, People with literacy needs

, Traveller Community

WestmeathPurchase of TTRS licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€4,563.00€4,106.70
Westmeath  €17,563.00€15,806.70
WexfordChildren will learn to see themselves and others as superheroes. The programme aims to boost children’s self-esteem, to empower them and provide an appreciation and celebration of difference.Residents of direct provision centres€4,650.00€4,185.00
WexfordChildren envision their ideal country, an island nation. They will design a map, flag, devise laws, currency, national anthem, national dishes and costumes etc.DEIS school students€6,249.00€5,624.10
WexfordNessy is an educational software programme that offers a complete dyslexia aware solution. Workshops are being held to raise awareness of the programme.Parents and carers of dyslexic children using the Nessy programme.€442.59€398.33
WexfordThe workshops will be aimed at parents and teachers and other stakeholders to raise awareness of the benefits of the TTRS Programme in helping children to develop literacy skills.DEIS School students

, People with literacy needs

, Intellectual differences

, People with autism

WexfordThe Lockdown Comics workshop will provide children aged 8-12 with a chance to write, draw and publish their own comic strip, with the theme of good news stories from the lockdown.DEIS school students€770.00€693.00
WexfordParticipants from new and at risk communities will receive a micro:bit kit and with the support of their project worker, take part in a 4-6 session activity where they learn what the micro:bit can do and then follow the online video instructions to make 2 items and play 3 games and  using their micro:bit.People with literacy needs, Traveller Community, New Irish and residents of deprived areas€2,000.00€1,800.00
WexfordPurchase of TTRS, Nessy and Reading Egg licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€10,102.65€9,092.39
Wexford  €25,414.24€22,872.82
WicklowThe programme consists of an experienced environmental educator leading groups of children and their accompanying adult minder on a nature walk in various locations across County Wicklow.New Irish, residents of direct provision centres, Traveller community,€6,408.00€5,767.20
WicklowThis programme will ensure the library is a welcoming space for the LGBTI community with resources relevant to them.LGBTI community€5,600.00€5,040.00
WicklowPurchase of TTRS, Mathlethics and Lexia licences.People with low literacy levels or learning differences.€9,790.78€8,811.70
Wicklow*  €21,798.78€19,618.90

*Please also see joint projects listed for Wicklow & Kildare; and Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon

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