Although rates of COVID-19 are falling, it’s still important that we keep our guard up so that we can keep everyone safe.

In this video, Public Health Nurses Orla Geary and Edelle Harris, both redeployed to COVID-19 testing, talk about what they’re missing during COVID-19 restrictions and appeal to the public to keep their guard up.

Keeping our distance is hard, but it helps us to protect ourselves and the people around us. #StaySafe #HoldFirm

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Notes: Transcripts:

Orla Geary:

I miss things that should be really normal, everyday things. I miss contact with my friends, with my families. I haven’t seen my granny since March, she lives in residential care and that’s really hard.

Edelle Harris:

Nothing is normal right now, and there are so many parts of this that I’m finding hard.

My brother had a new baby recently, and all I want to do is to hold that baby, and cuddle that baby, but I haven’t been able to.

Orla Geary:

I’m Orla, and I’m a public health nurse, but I’ve been redeployed to testing 

Edelle Harris:

I’m Edelle, and I’m a public health nurse and I also work at a testing centre.

Orla Geary:

I supposed we’d just like everyone to know that we find it hard as well, there are things that we are missing too.

But everything we’re doing right now is protecting vulnerable people.

I go into people’s homes, and I don’t want to be the one to bring COVID in there, or to pick up COVID in someone’s home.

If we get the rates down, then it’s easier to keep people safe. 

Edelle Harris:

When we all keep our distance, we are protecting everyone.

Keeping our guard up means we have a much better chance of keeping everyone safe.

I can and will do everything that I can, but that will only work if the overall rates are kept low.

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