The HSE has issued a warning of a drug known as “U-47700” following the death of a teenage boy in Cork City earlier this week.

The drug is a white powder and said to look similar to cocaine, and may be in circulation in Cork City, possibly known by its street name “Pinky or Pink.” The drug is said to be up to 8 times stronger than cocaine and the HSE are urging people to steer well clear of the drug.

The synthetic drug has been linked to as many as 90 deaths in the USA, as well as multiple deaths in Europe.

We are aware that substances sold as cocaine may in fact contain other substances such as synthetic opioids. There is no way of telling what is in a powder or pill just by looking at it. It may look like the drug you want to purchase but it may well be something else. There is no quality control on illegal drugs. There can be problems with purity and contaminants in all illegal drugs.

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By Cork Safety Alerts

Administrator of Cork Safety Alerts.