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Cork County Council and its contractor, Carrigaline based Martin O’ Callaghan Ltd., are advancing works to complete the Ferney Road Improvement Scheme.

Ferney Road is a local road in Carrigaline, Co. Cork, in the townland of Kilnaglery, in a largely residential area with a number of schools located close by. These works will provide significantly improved pedestrian facilities including footpaths, a pedestrian crossing, traffic calming, improved public lighting and surface water drainage.

Construction work began in November 2019 with a planned 6 months construction period. Despite work being temporarily suspended for 7 weeks in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions, the road is scheduled to reopen for public use on 22nd June 2020.

Tim Lucey, Chief Executive of Cork County Council, welcomed the recommencement of works saying:

“Carrigaline is a key target area for recovery, supporting a large population, amenities and businesses. As part of Cork County Council’s Project ACT, these works will aid Carrigaline’s recovery by improving accessibility for the local community, visitors, and nearby businesses in the coming weeks and months.”

Mayor of the County of Cork Cllr. Ian Doyle said of the works:

“In Carrigaline and around the county, projects designed to improve the quality of life and amenities of residents are resuming. We’re sending a strong message; that the people of Cork County, with support of their Council and its elected members, are ready to embark on the road to recovery.”

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