From Douglas to South Gate: Deliveroo Reveals Neighbourhood By Neighbourhood Breakdown Of Corks’s Eating Habits Over Lockdown.

Corkonians made a lot of sacrifices over peak lockdown (we’re still traumatised by the at home haircuts!) but missing out on delicious food wasn’t one of them.

When the good people of Cork tired of banana bread, Deliveroo was on hand to deliver some much needed comfort food straight to their doorsteps. But not all Cork natives had the same lockdown cravings and some neighbourhoods were more adventurous than others! Here’s a picture of Lockdown Cork’s taste in takeaways, from Douglas to South Gate.

Cork’s Lockdown Palate:

  • Burritos were the most popular dish in Cork overall during Lockdown. However, the residents of South Gate take home the prize for eating the most burritos during this time, closely followed by the ravenous students of University College Cork. Lough Area might not have consumed the most burritos but they kept it spicy all throughout lockdown by ordering the most extra Jalapenos.
  • Douglas, Dublin Hill, Frankfield and Maryborough all bucked the burrito trend by ordering tons of Roosters Piri Piri’s famous tender flame-grilled chicken.
  • Montenotte’s go to comfort food during the long lockdown months was a classic cheese burger
  • Shandon kept it classy by consuming more sushi during lockdown than any other community in Cork
  • St Luke’s favourite restaurant during lockdown was Vegan-KO. We bet they did every single one of Joe Wicks PE lessons…
  • Cork Central couldn’t keep the pizza cravings at bay with Oak Fire Pizza proving a popular choice for Corkonian city slickers

Cork’s Lockdown Dining Trends: 

  • During lockdown, group ordering (2+ meals) overtook single orders for the first time in Deliveroo Ireland’s history. Where single meal orders used to constitute over half of Deliveroo’s total orders in Cork, they constituted just a 1/3 of total orders. This tells us that people were coming together and using food as an escape from the monotony of lockdown.
  • In general, Cork was hungry earlier; where average orders on a weekday would usually peak at approx 7.30pm, this shifted to 20 mins earlier in the day. This suggests locals were daydreaming about their dinners before they’d eaten their lunch
  • Surviving a week of lockdown deserved a treat, with Friday becoming the main event.  Deliveroo saw it overtake Saturdays as the most popular day of the weekend to order a takeaway.

Arabella Jenkins at Deliveroo said:

From March to July daily routines were turned upside down. It’s no surprise that people changed their eating habits during lockdown. With an uncertain winter ahead, the people of Cork can count on Deliveroo to deliver comfort to doorsteps from Douglas to South Gate.

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