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Members of the cultural and creative sectors across Cork are invited to engage with Cork City Council to explore co-creation opportunities for the re-imagining or re-positioning of their products and services in a post COVID-19 environment.

Under Cult-CreaTE (an EU Interreg Project of which Cork City Council is one of nine trans-EU partners), Cork City Council is looking to work with a range of businesses operating in Cork’s creative sector (including cultural actors, venues, producers and festivals), to develop ideas for new Cultural and Creative Tourism experiences and opportunities – ultimately promoting sectoral growth and driving job creation.

Siobhán Finn, Innovation Programme Manager at Cork City Council encourages cultural and creative organisations to get in touch for future collaboration, adding: “Research shows that, EU regions have been very good at tapping into Cultural & Creative Tourism as a way to promote socio-economic development. However, the extraordinary potential of Creative Tourism in the creation of tourism offerings (like products and services) is not being fully exploited. Cult-CreaTE aims to bridge this gap by enhancing the visibility and promotion of synergies between sustainable tourism and the cultural and creative industry sectors.”

Cork City Council has participated in two project partner workshops in Italy and Cyrus over the last 18 months. The focus of these workshops has been on knowledge exchange and peer learning with selected good practices being highlighted to those regions present. In spring 2021, Cork will host its own knowledge exchange workshop for all nine partners and their invited stakeholders.

In the meantime, a series of virtual meetings are planned to explore how best to share learnings from the project to date and most importantly explore opportunities for new co-creation offerings across the cultural, creative and tourism sectors going forward.

Cork City Council invites those interested to contact Siobhán Finn, Innovation Programme Manager, Cork City Council | M: 086 2872286 | E: [email protected]

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