The Coast Guard is reminding the general public that there will be a period of very high Spring Tides approaching Highest Astronomical Tide (HAT) in all coastal areas, commencing this afternoon, Wednesday 19th August, through to Sunday 23rd August 2020. Astronomical tides are an infrequent occurrence and during this time will generally be highest between Thursday and Saturday.

In addition to the tidal warning Met Éireann has forecasted unseasonably wet and very windy weather from early Wednesday night until later Friday, with further rainfall and wind warnings likely. Strong winds at times may result in unsafe conditions and some disruption, especially over high ground, lakes and sea areas. There is also a risk of flooding. See

In light of these warnings the Coast Guard is appealing to anybody planning to engage in any form of coastal activity, to be mindful of the risk posed by extreme tidal ranges i.e. very high and very low tides coupled with the adverse wind forecast. In addition to the high tides, people should be mindful of the risk of becoming isolated during Low Water particularly in areas which are not always accessible or with which they are not familiar.

This is a time to Stay Back – Stay High – Stay Dry

The Coast Guard is reiterating its warning on the dangers of using inflatable toys on the sea or inland waterways. Commenting on their use, Gerard O’Flynn of the Irish Coast Guard pointed to the fact that “water based inflatable devices present a clear risk to the public. They are never ever suitable for use on the seaside or inland waterways”.

If you see somebody in trouble on the water or along the coast use VHF CH 16 or dial 112 and ask for the Coast Guard.

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