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Cork City Council’s cleaning staff and specialist contractors are deep cleaning the streets of Cork as ‘stay at home’ restrictions continue and in advance of the gradual reopening of the city centre.

Over the coming weeks, specialist contractors are cleansing high footfall areas of the city centre from 2am to 10am – using high-powered washing systems with high and low pressure steam cleaning functions.

Cork City Council’s dedicated highly-trained street cleansing crews who work seven days a week, year round, are currently deployed around Mc Curtain Street.

Teams are deep cleaning street surfaces, street furniture and street bins so that the city looks attractive for residents, shoppers and office workers.

The Operations Directorate said now is “an ideal opportunity to get a deep clean done when there is less footfall on the streets”.

“We can carry out the work at a faster pace while minimising inconvenience for the public. This body of work will make the city more attractive as we gradually re-open,” a spokesman said.

The main streets around the city centre, areas normally associated with high footfall, will be targeted by the cleansing crews in the weeks ahead.

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